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17 Май 2016

The regular plenum of Andijan Regional Council of the People’s Democratic Party of Uzbekistan was held. It was attended by officials of the regional council of the party, members of the Senate of the Oliy Majlis, members of the party groups in local Kengashes, heads of city and district councils of the party, leaders of primary party organizations, group of promoters and representatives of the public.

Plenum was held in debates, there were many questions and answers. Particular attention was paid to the analysis of activities of party groups in local Kengashes of people’s deputies, proposals were made on promotion of best practices, views on further improvement of practical actions aimed at protecting the interests of the electorate.

It was also emphasized that further strengthening of public and deputy control over important social issues at places is a requirement of today. It is necessary to establish a wide practice of hearing reports of officials on implementation of regional development programs.

Speakers noted that all are responsible for the execution of tasks defined in the State program “Year of healthy mother and child”. Moreover, in this regard it is important to further strengthen the joint work of makhallas and other community groups.

At the plenary session, chairman of Andijan Regional Council of the People’s Democratic Party of Uzbekistan, head of the party group in the Regional Kengash of people’s deputies Abdulkhamid Nurmatov made a report on ensuring participation of party organizations in implementation of tasks defined in the State program “Year of healthy mother and child”, and on strengthening the role of deputy associations in protection of interests of the electorate.

— As is known, a large-scale State program was adopted in connection with the Year of healthy mother and child, — he said. — On this basis, at the V Plenum of the Central Council of the People’s Democratic Party of Uzbekistan a number of tasks have been assigned at all levels of party organizations and party groups in local Kengashes.

Systematic study by deputies of the interests of the electorate, their analysis and presentation with concrete initiatives is essential. Therefore, it is necessary that our party groups in local Kengashes would even greater use opportunities of the institute of control and analytical work, the deputy’s request. It is necessary to consistently organize the hearing of reports of officers on implementation of regional programs of socio-economic development and introduce more issues for discussion at meetings of the standing committees and sessions.

Last year, 16 issues related to the interests of the electorate have been discussed at meetings of party groups and standing committees, and ten – at sessions.

In the Program of our party, important tasks are envisaged for the development of medical care and services for the population living in remote areas, especially for women. In the Program of actions of our party for the current year, main attention was paid to these questions. Our party groups in the regional, district and city Kengashes of people’s deputies must consistently examine the work on improving the social, household and medical conditions for the population living in remote areas, in particular for women, on creating objects of social infrastructure, ensuring the population with clean drinking water, natural gas, development of services. This year, it is also envisaged to discuss 16 issues at meetings of party groups, standing committees and sessions.

— At the plenum, is was very correctly pointed out that the introduction of the issue to the session, establishment of control on its decision is a responsible process, — said member of the Senate of the Oliy Majlis, director of Altinkul economic college, Hero of Uzbekistan Shukurjon Mamatkulov. — To do this, the socio-economic condition of the respective territory is studied and analyzed, and then discussed at the meeting of the standing commission. This issue will be in the agenda of the session only in the event if a well-founded proposals on urgent life examples would be presented. Of course, this is not intended to indicate to someone’s disadvantage or harm the authority of a deputy. In contrast, in this case, the interests of the majority of voters is expressed. Hence, the aim of introducing the issue to the session is first of all to find solutions to issues concerning people, increasing the efficiency of democratic and social reforms.

At the plenary session, opinions were expressed on ensuring the consistent implementation of the Program of Action, strengthening joint work of party organizations and deputies, bringing the activity of primary party organizations in line with modern requirements. Chairman of Boz District Council of the People’s Democratic Party of Uzbekistan, head of the party group in the district Kengash of people’s deputies Matlyubakhon Tuychiyeva, activist of our party, winner of the State Prize named after Zulfiya, Sevarakhon Fozildjonova and others expressed their proposals on issues of the agenda.

Regular tasks were identified at the plenum.



Correspondent of “Uzbekiston ovozi”.