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17 Май 2016

In the city of Termez, plenum of Surkhandarya regional council of the People's Democratic Party of Uzbekistan was held. It was attended by the heads of regional party organizations, members of the party groups in the regional, district and city Kengashes of people's deputies.

Since the information concerning issues on the agenda was provided to participants of the plenum in advance, the plenum began immediately with a debate, expressing opinions and suggestions. Particular attention was paid to the issue of deputy control over the provision of employment of the population, implementation of programs of the territorial socio-economic development, which are implemented by party organizations and party groups in local Kengashes of people's deputies.

― If a political party will fight for the interests of a certain segment of the population, will conduct systematic public control over the implementation of programs that reflect the interests of the electorate, it will gain the trust of  people, ― said chairman of the regional council of the party, head of the party group in the regional Kengash Chori Djumakulov. ― This work should be carried out by all party formations ― the primary organizations, district and city councils, deputy associations by submitting proposals and their implementation.

Last year in the region, 17 issues were discussed at meetings of the standing committees and 21 ― at session meetings on the initiative of our party groups. Today certain results on the basis of taken decisions are achieved. Of course, the main thing is not making decisions, but ensuring their implementation. So we have to keep on monitoring the implementation of regulations on addressing actual social issues.

― I want to emphasize that tasks identified in the Program of Action for the current year are set on the basis of the state of socio-economic development of territories, ― said chairman of Termez district council of the People's Democratic Party of Uzbekistan, head of the party group in the district Kengash of people's deputies Turabek Zoirov. ― In order to implement them, it is necessary to develop a social partnership with civil society institutions, other organizations ― social partners. The joint work on issues such as employment of graduates of professional colleges, provision of services to representatives of the electorate, supporting initiatives related to family business, crafts, efficient use of gardens is of particular relevance. Therefore, offers of organizations ― social partners should be widely used in the study of issues concerning representatives of the electorate, and in finding solutions to them. I would like to make another proposal. I think that it is advisable to involve representatives of our social partners in the working groups set up for implementation of the Program of Action of our party.

At the plenary session, activities of some party organizations and deputies have been criticized, facts and figures were comprehensively analyzed. It was emphasized that there are certain shortcomings in such issues as  promotion of the party's program objectives, further intensification of mass-political events, raising political and legal culture of representatives of the electorate.

Some district councils of the party relate to conduction of studies, «round tables» in primary party organizations without proper accountability. It was noted that it is important to raise the level of activities, enrich their content on the basis of ideas of our party.

Each issue at the plenary session, which was held openly, publicly, with a share of criticism, had been considered in detail. A resolution aimed at addressing issues concerning citizens, on improving protection of the interests of the electorate was adopted.

At the plenum, a group of activists was presented with gifts from the Central Council of the People's Democratic Party of Uzbekistan and the regional council of the party.


Abdumalik HAIDAROV

correspondent of «Uzbekiston ovozi».