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29 Июн 2016

... Many young members of our party and its supporters gathered at the children’s school of music and art of Chinaz district. All are in anticipation of the start of Tashkent regional stage of the competition «Young politician – 2016". Participants were talking to each other in the lobby at the entrance to the auditorium.

— I am worried, — says Shakhnoza Bakirova from Almalyk. — I have successfully passed the city competition and now came to the regional. My dream is to win here and enter the national stage.

Other participants were also worried like Shakhnoza. Then, finally, the competition began, the participants came on the scene one by one...

The first condition – questions and answers – is considered the most important, because boys and girls demonstrate a level of knowledge, their abilities. Contestants confidently answered the questions concerning Pre-election program of the party, activities of political parties, on chambers of the Oliy Majlis, on ongoing reforms in our country, the spirit and the content of the adopted laws.

— I am worried together with Bunyod, — said chairman of Angren city council of the People’s Democratic Party of Uzbekistan Shokhruh Mirzaakhmedov. — Getting a referral to the regional stage of the competition is not easy. Today, participants have successfully passed tests at places. One of them – Bunyod Imamaliev. I do not know, maybe he was confused before the audience, hurried a little. However, there are still conditions ahead, and therefore, the opportunity to prove the skills.

There has come the second stage of the competition – oratory skill. Participant from Akkurgan Akmal Tursunaliev revealed the essence of the content of the work of the President of the country – «High spirituality – an invincible force», and the participant from Bekabad – Jaloliddin Umirov told about his book «The Code of Amir Temur» with great excellence. The audience warmly greeted a participant Nazipa Abdukhalikova from Bostanlyk district, who told about harmful effects of information threats on the minds of young people.

According to the third condition, the contestants gave the jury their socio-economic projects aimed at economic development of territories and further improvement of living conditions of the population.

— There are no sport complexes for doing sports for children in citizens’ gathering of «Ibrat» makhalla in Guliston village where I live, — said a participant from Zangiata district Nigmatulla Abdukuchkarov. — The boys have to go to school in order to play football. There is a free area on the territory of our makhalla. I want to organize the construction of a sports complex here.

It is time for summing-up. The jury announced the results. Nigmatulla Abdukuchkarov from Zangiota district took the first place, Akmal Tursunaliev from Akkurgan district – the second, Firuza Dadajanova from Akhangaran took the third place.

Shakhnoza Bakirova from Almalyk city was encouraged in the nomination «The smartest participant», Charoy Boykuzieva from Buka district – in the nomination «The most effective social project», Elbek Ashurov from Kibray district – in the nomination «The best orator».

— I envy the youth, — said the head of the regional branch of the Association «Tadbirkor ayol», member of the jury Malika Kadirkhanova. — It is our future, a decisive force of our tomorrow. We have seen this once again today in the activities, knowledge and skills of participants. Assessing their knowledge was not easy, because each of them has shown good skills, strong knowledge.


* * *


Surkhandarya regional stage of the competition was held in the academic lyceum No. 2 under Termez state university. It was attended by senior officials of the Central Council of the People’s Democratic Party of Uzbekistan and the regional party organizations, deputies, youth, activists, political scientists.

The Chairman of Surkhandarya regional council of the People’s Democratic Party of Uzbekistan Chori Djumakulov opened the event. He wished success to the participants. 14 of our young party members competed on three conditions, providing issues such as youth education, formation of its active civil position, implementation of tasks set out in the Pre-election program of the People’s Democratic Party of Uzbekistan and the Program of Action of the party. It was noted that youth projects concerning the organization of home-based work, the service sector, processing of local raw materials and other areas could take an important place in the socio-economic development of territories.

— The competition, which is held in the 25th anniversary of our independence, is conducted in a festive atmosphere, — said the leader of the youth wing «Istikbol» of Surkhandarya regional council of the People’s Democratic Party of Uzbekistan Kamol Abdullaev. — In the initial stages, it covered more than a thousand young boys and girls from the age of 18 to 30. The most important thing is that in the course of the competition more than a hundred young people have become members of our party.

Teacher of Khalkabad transport professional-technical college of Termez district Dilmurod Usmanov took the first place and won the right to participate in the republican stage. The second and the third places were taken by Shoira Azimova from Termez city and Askar Karakulov from Djarkurgan district respectively.

The winners and prizewinners were awarded with special diplomas and memorable gifts from Surkhandarya regional council of the People’s Democratic Party of Uzbekistan.



Abdumalik KHAIDAROV,

Correspondents of «Uzbekiston ovozi».