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24 Июл 2016

In the city of Nukus, Karakalpakstan republican stage of the «Young Politician – 2016» contest was held.

The Acting Chairman of Karakalpak Republican Council of the People’s Democratic Party of Uzbekistan Nukusboy Ganiev opened the event.

According to the first condition of the competition, the participants presented projects on socio-economic development on the example of their territories.

During conditions dedicated to questions and answers, all were admired with the ingenuity of the representative of Nukus cuty – Navruz Nurimbetova.

Inomjon Tursinboev also gave good answer to questions from Amudarya District and Erkinboy Kolboev from Kanlikol district.

According to the third condition, they have demonstrated their oratory skills. Shakhnoza Boltabaeva from Kungrad, Ozod Kenjaev from Ellikkala made great success.

The jury awarded third place to Inomjon Tursinboev from Amudarya district, and the second – Navruz Nurimbetov from Nukus. Parizod Urazalieva from Chimbay district scored most of all points. She won the first place and received the right to participate in the republican stage of the competition.

— Of course, I will try to justify the high confidence, — said Parizod Urazalieva. — The competition was organized in order to improve the socio-political activity of young people and identifying talents. We, the young, should make full use of this opportunity.

Winners and participants were awarded gifts and special diplomas.





* * *


The Youth Center of the city of Namangan hosted a regional stage of the «Young politician» contest. It was attended by 12 winners of the city and regional stages of the competition.

— If I were asked about what the project is the most interesting and effective of all those implemented by the People’s Democratic Party of Uzbekistan on various themes, I would without a doubt say that this is the traditional contest – the «Young politician», — says the winner of the State Prize named after Zulfiya, Gulchekhra Zokirova.

Indeed, many facts show the benefits of the competition. Here are just two of them. The winner of the national stage of the competition in 2013 Mutabar Kozieva is working as the head of the ideological department of the regional council of the party. The winner of the regional stage – 2014 Maksudjon Olimov successfully graduated from Namangan Engineering and Pedagogical Institute and is currently studying at the master’s degree in Tashkent.

— I took part in the «Young politician» contest in Chartak district and thus made progress, — said the head of the family business – «Zar jilvasi» Khurshida Rakhmatullaeva. — By participating in the competition I well recognized my capabilities and skills, and very grateful to the party.

I must say that the talent and knowledge of participants of the regional stage were much higher than previous. During the presentation of social projects, young men and women have demonstrated their sense of belonging to the fate of the country. Thus, the project of the representative of Namangan region Lutfiddin Turaboev «One step – to each voter» – aimed at forming a close relationship of local party councils and members of the apparatus with deputies, to strengthen the activities of deputies and party groups in local Kengashes and the fullest use of powers given to them by law.

Many positive opinions were expressed about Makhfuza Mamadalieva from Uychi district that presented a social project on tailoring of silk fabrics, and through it – to contribute to the implementation of the Employment program, as well as on the social project of Nodira Nabiyeva from Namangan city – «Exemplary family».

Khurshida Bobojonova from Kasansay district scored the greater number of points over all the conditions. She won the right to participate in the republican stage. Nodira Nabiyeva from the city of Namangan took the second place, while Mukhammadniyoz Sobirov from Naryn district took the third place. The winners and participants who were encouraged by a number of nominations were awarded diplomas and memorable gifts.

In conclusion of the contest, which was attended by the head of the sector on the issues of improving the socio-political activity of youth of the Central Council of the People’s Democratic Party of Uzbekistan Umurbek Bektemirov, chairman of the regional council of the party, the head of the deputy group Dilorom Abdurakhimova, head of Namangan territorial office of the Independent Institute for monitoring the formation of civil society, candidate of economic sciences Zafar Khudoiberdiev, as well as deputies of district and city Kengashes, more than twenty boys and girls were handed party membership cards.




* * *


Assembly Hall of Navoi College of Culture and Arts was filled with winners of the district and city stages of the «Young Politician – 2016» contest, deputies, party members and youth. All were very worried. Finally, the leader invited participants.

Chairman of the regional council of the party Akmal Asatov opened the competition and wished them good luck.

Then the contest began on the condition of «Presentation of the project». Participants were talking about the proposals aimed at socio-economic development of their territories, about their benefits and expected results.

Graduatу of Navbakhor College of Economics and Service Abbos Bobokulov called his project «Ensuring youth employment in makhallas, improving the quality of public services». The main objective of the project – development in makhallas of plumbing, sewing, weaving, and thus to contribute to youth employment. By the way, implementation of this project does not require a large investment funds. The raw materials are sufficient. Another important detail: almost any makhalla can implement the project.

Project of Mirsaid Jalilov from Karmana is called «No one should be left without care and compassion».

— As it is known, in our country constant attention is paid to low-income people and all those in need of social protection. This issue is the most priority task of our party, — he said. — The proposed project paves the way for people with disabilities for developing the abilities and skills. The main thing – to find capable young people from among the young boys and girls in this category, rightly forward, based on their interests. As a result, they will be able to adapt and take place in a number of socially active people.

In accordance with the term – «Competent politician», young people demonstrated their knowledge on the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan, political parties, parliament, the Family and the Labor Codes, the works of the President of our country, the Charter and the Program of the party.

Contestants also successfully competed in oratory skills, talking about the nature and content of the laws and regulations adopted in our country.

The winner of the contest became Mirsaid Jalilov from Karmana. Other participants were also encouraged in various categories.




* * *


The competition held in the Academic lyceum No. 2 of the city of Termez, was opened by the opening speech and wished success to the participants of the chairman of the regional council of the party Chori Djumakulov.

After that, 14 of our party members competed on three conditions, reflecting the youth issues, formation of active civil position, implementation of tasks set out in the Pre-election program of the Program of action of the party. It was noted that the projects of participants in areas such as domestic work, service, processing of local raw materials and others will make a worthy contribution to the socio-economic development of territories.

— This contest, held on the eve of the 25th anniversary of the state independence of the Republic of Uzbekistan, was very interesting and exciting, — said the leader of Surkhandarya regional branch of the youth wing «Istikbol» Kamol Abdullaev. — A clear indication of this is that more than a thousand capable, seeking boys and girls took part in the initial stages of the competition. It is encouraging that among the winners of the various stages there are winners of the state awards. In addition, in the course of events over one hundred young people, supporting the idea of ​​our party joined our ranks.

Following the competition, the first place was taken by a teacher of Khalkabad transport professional and technical college of Termez district Dilmurod Usmanov and won the right to participate in the republican stage. Shoira Azimova and Askar Karakulov took the second and the third places respectively.




* * *


Khorezm regional competition covered over a thousand young talents. It took place in the School of Music and Art No. 2 of the city of Urgench. 11 boys and girls – the winners of the district and city stages showed their knowledge on such terms as «Social project», «Competent politician» and «Oratorical skills».

Social projects that submitted the contestants were devoted to issues such as development of social and economic spheres of the territories, creation of new workplaces, attracting young people to entrepreneurship, supporting young families. Each presentation was followed by a demonstration of slides and visual aids.

Elnur Karimov won the contest and received the right to participate in the republican stage.

Participants were awarded memorable and valuable gifts.

Here the regional stage of the «Young Politician – 2016» ended.