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27 Июл 2016

«Young politician» contest, which is held since 2008 is aimed at further improving the political, social activity, legal culture of young people, the implementation of tasks of the Pre-election platform and the Program of Action of the People's Democratic Party of Uzbekistan, ensuring active participation of young people in the process of further deepening democratic reforms and formation of civil society in the country, including active and enterprising young politicians into the personnel pool of the party, introduction of a noble idea — «I want to contribute to the prosperity of my homeland!» into the consciousness of the youth, .

With the aim of gaining even greater opportunities for a wide entry into the youth community in primary party organizations of the People's Democratic Party of Uzbekistan, since 2014 the «Young politician» contest is being held on the basis of Provisions in the new edition in 4 stages, i.e. 1st — PPO (primary party organization), 2nd — city, district stage, 3rd — the regional stage, as well as 4th — national stage.


The «Young politician — 2016» contest this year was attended by more than 19500 boys and girls from the age of 18 to 30, from all over the country. Among them, laureates of the State Prize named after Zulfiya, State scholarships named after Navoi, winners of the contest «Yurt kelajagi», which demonstrates the growing prestige of the contest.

During the contest «Young Politician — 2016», more than a hundred young people were accepted into the ranks of the party. At the initial stage — PPO competition that was held in February-March this year, was attended by more than 500, on the second — city and district stage about 200 participants received the right to participate in the regional stage, which took place in June.

In the first condition of the competition — «Presentation of the project», participants presented their projects on the issues of further development of social and economic spheres in their regions, creating new workplaces, attracting young people to the social, entrepreneurship activity, supporting young families, solving environmental problems, recycling, development of social infrastructure and solution of problems.


It should be noted that by Karakalpak republican, Namangan, Ferghana, Khorezm, Andijan, Kashkadarya, Surkhandarya regional Councils, the regional stages of the competition «Young politician — 2016» were held at a high level, which served to further raising the authority of the competition.

During the contest, the club activist of the «Young politician» of Khorezm regional Council Bayrambek Abdullayev and a participant of Yunusabad district stage Djasurbek Askarov presented the website of the «Young Politician» club that has become a real gift for youth.

- In the process of preparation for Khorezm regional stage of the «Young politician — 2016» contest, we have received interesting information, improved our political knowledge, oratory skills, got familiar with the essence and value of the legislative acts adopted in the country, - said Elnurbek Karimov, the winner of Khorezm regional stage of the «Young politician — 2016» contest, a student of Urgench branch of Tashkent medical Academy.


As the result of Karakalpak republican, Tashkent city and regional stages of the «The young politician — 2016» contest that was conducted by the youth wing «Istikbol» of the People's Democratic Party of Uzbekistan, 14 participants took the first place and received the right to participate in the republican stage of the competition.


Sunnatullo BOZORBOYEV,

Chief assistant of the sector on the issues of improving the socio-political activity of youth of the Central Council of the

People's Democratic Party of Uzbekistan.