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13 Авг 2016

Lively preparation is going on for the republican stage of the contest «Yosh siyosatchi – 2016» («Young politician – 2016»)

The ranks of those who are interested to take part in the competition «Young politician» are increasingly expanding from year to year. As it is known, since 2008, this contest is being held by the youth wing «Istikbol» of our party in order to improve the socio-political and social activity of youth, strengthening their civil position, supporting of gifted young men and women.

The motto: «I want to contribute to the development of my homeland», which is intended to bring together talented youth wishing to participate in the contest sounds particularly symbolic.

Since 2014, the contest is being held in four stages, namely: the first – in the primary organizations, the second – in the cities and district level, the third – in the regions, and the final stage – the Republican. As a result of this, possibilities of the party on further ensuring the effective co-operation with primary organizations and the population, exploring the views and suggestions of people, as well as expanding our ranks are increasing.

This year, more than 19 500 applications from those who want to participate in the competition «Young politician – 2016» were adopted. The fact that the authority of the competition, all the more increases every year, supported by the fact that there are winners of Zulfiya State Prize, State scholarship named after Alisher Navoi among the participants. During the qualifying stages, more than 100 young people were accepted into the ranks of the party.

It should be noted that the Karakalpak Republican, Jizzakh, Fergana, Khorezm, Andijan, Namangan, Kashkadarya, Surkhandarya regional councils of the party held a contest on a high spiritual and organizational level.

I am also glad that by an activist of «Yosh siyosatchilar» («Young politicians») club of Khorezm regional council of the party Bayrambek Abdullayev and participant of Yunusobod district stage of the competition Djasurbek Askarov presented websites of «Young politicians» clubs. This was a real holiday for the young people entering the ranks of these clubs.

Elnurbek KARIMOV, student of Urgench branch of Tashkent Medical Academy:

— I am taking part in the competition for the first time. I have learned about the «Young politician» at the event, which was held by the regional council of the party, and I had a desire to take part in it. I won the first and second stages and won the right to participate in the regional stage.

During the preparation for the regional stage, I have mastered a large amount of information. I noticed that my knowledge and political culture have increased significantly, oratory skills revealed. I have studied the nature and value of legislative documents adopted in our country.

Currently, I am carefully preparing for the republican stage of the competition. I think I can worthily take part in it and try to make every effort in order to justify the trust of my parents.

Dilmurod USMONOV, teacher of Khalkabad pedagogical college:

— I am taking part in the competition «Young politician» for the second time. I have learned from the admitted errors of the last year, carefully prepared and won the regional stage of the competition. Thanks to the preparation for one of the conditions of the competition on «Project presentation», I tried to explore and reveal issues existing in the territory, where I come from. My project was received with great interest on the part of the jury. It is aimed at improvement of the territory adjacent to Uchkizil Lake, located in our region, the development of tourism here. I am pleased that it is appreciated.

Mokhidil KURBONOVA, student of Fergana City College of Art:

— I think that such contests are important in formation of us, the youth, as leading politicians in the future, achieving high goals. On the republican stage of the competition, I intend to take a place among the winners. In the future, I dream to become a deputy in order to make a worthy contribution to the development of our country, to be proactive in protecting the interests of the population.

Bayrambek ABDULLAYEV, an activist of the «Young politicians» club of Khorezm regional council of the party:

— I watched the contestants of this year with some envy. I also had a desire to take part in this competition and become a winner. Its conditions serve to improving socio-economic, political and legal activity of future young politicians. I especially liked the conditions of the «Project presentation» nomination. I am getting ready for the competition. In the process of the preparation, I have had the opportunity to thoroughly explore issues occurring in our territory, as well as to develop our proposals on them.


Sunnatilla BOZORBOYEV,

senior referent of the Central Council of the

People’s Democratic Party of Uzbekistan.